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  1. The 25th anniversary of the web

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    Web at 25 is a celebration of the past 25 years of the web. It includes a message from Tim Berners-Lee (who’s credited with inventing the World Wide Web), as well as news, events, videos, and more. There’s a media center, as well as greetings submitted by users from all over the world.

  2. Werremeyer helps The College School Celebrate its 50th Anniversary

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    College School

    Lots of research and collaboration with the school went into the design of this 30+ foot-long wall. In keeping with TCS’s mission, we selected recycled, repurposed and sustainable materials to create the display. The end result is a bold, stunning dimensional wall which tells the school’s compelling story.

  3. Fonts: There seems to be endless choices

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    Font Fuggles’s May newsletter featured Fuggles, designed by Rob Leuschke. This font family has a wide variety of styles; it’s a nice choice for a handwritten effect. Choosing a font takes care and expertise. The selection requires a right balance between being expressive and appropriate to the situation.

  4. Midas Hospitality Gets Interactive Upgrade for Website

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    Midas Hospitality recently called on Werremeyer for an image upgrade. The branding and graphic design agency started to rebrand Midas Hospitality with a new logo. Additionally, Werremeyer refreshed the hotel management group’s Website, giving it an interactive upgrade. (more…)