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Happy 81st Birthday, Art Werremeyer!

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Art Werremeyer, a founder, creative, and father to our current President & CEO Gretchen Land, would have turned 81 today. Happy Birthday, Art! We wanted to not only celebrate the life he lived, but reflect on the foundation he helped set for this company.

Art was born on Aug. 17, 1937, in St. Louis. He received a bachelor’s degree in business from Westminster College (Mo.) and second bachelor’s degree in print management from Carnegie Mellon University (Pa.).

Following his college graduation, Art inherited the family business from his father, Erwin Werremeyer, when it was still a printing company. The original company dates back to 1904, when Art’s grandfather, A.S. Werremeyer, started the business.

Six decades later, Art merged the printing company and founded Werremeyer Associates, a marketing, communications, and graphics firm. It was later renamed Werremeyer Creative.

Since the founding of the marketing firm, Art worked hard to build a positive reputation in the community to show our commitment not only to our clients, but to the quality of our work.

Art came up with many impactful designs. His project with 7UP for the bicentennial celebration ”United We Stand” is now in the Library of Congress archives. The project contains 50 7UP cans that, on one side, represent one of the states and the year they were founded. The other side holds a design constructed of tiny 7UP logos on a white background. The eight-tiered pyramid, when displayed correctly, show a large image of Uncle Sam.

More than 100 years after it was originally founded, Werremeyer Creative has turned into a full-service branding and marketing agency. WE are grateful to Art and those who came before him for paving the way and framing a foundation WE can build on.

We invite you to join us as we continue to build on our legacy of success and to discover what so many other brands have been experiencing for years — world-class expertise in branding, marketing, and advertising.

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