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Behind the Art and Science of Medicine: Curiosus Magazine

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By Steve Hartman

Vice President & Creative Director / 314-762-6874 / [email protected]

My philosophy in collaborating on creative projects is embracing trust in your collaborators. Allow them to do what they do best, without stepping on their process or micromanaging their talent. That’s why I feel we are producing a beautiful magazine with Curiosus for Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University Physicians.

I wanted to take a moment and introduce you to the Werremeyer Creative partners who help put the artistry in the science.

Camila Carlow

Camila is a Guatemalan-born artist based in Bristol, England. She works in a range of mediums, from fine art painting and photography, and as a cinematographer for video production. Her animations have screened in Glastonbury Festival, and at the Roxy Bar in London.

Short film productions she has been involved with have been selected in numerous film festivals around the country, including Encounters International Short Film Festival at the Watershed in Bristol, Newport International Film Festival, and BFI Future Film Festival in London.

She currently spends her time marketing her artwork and freelancing as a photographer and cinematographer for short film productions and corporate video productions.

Camila’s art on the cover of the Fall 2018 issue of Curiosus Magazine (below):

Jay Fram

Jay is the photographer agencies call on to craft evocative, honest portraits of real people and places. Authentic, emotive and maybe a little off-kilter, his images tell stories even when they stand alone.

Although he never set out to be a photographer, he enjoys talking to people, and in his early days, photographing became an access point, a pretext for looking and asking, a reason to retell the story.

He works with clients across the country who want to tell the unlikely stories that inhabit regular people. Sometimes the stories are real and sometimes we make them up, though either way, finding the authentic emotion is the real creative work.

You’re never quite certain what someone will bring to a photograph, and that sense of the unexpected is what makes it exciting.

Website: / Instagram: @JayFram

Jay’s photography in the Fall 2018 issue of Curiosus Magazine (below):

Abigail Goh

Abigail is a Singaporean illustrator who hustles in New York City. She hopes her art encompasses her love for people, life and creativity. Her intent is to plant visual metaphors that can energize the creative mind and communicate intelligence in a lyrical manner over all platforms.

The New York Times, Boston Globe, Google, Washington Post, Huffington Post and Guardian are some of her clients.

Website: / Instagram: @AbigoHart

Abigail’s work in the Fall 2018 Issue of Curiosus Magazine (below):

Dmitri Jackson

Dmitri is an award-nominated cartoonist and illustrator residing in St. Louis. His work includes Marty’s Diner, John Henry: Steel-Driving Man and the critically acclaimed ongoing webcomic Blackwax Boulevard. Jackson also teaches graphic storytelling at Washington University in St. Louis.

Website: / Instagram: @FrotoonPress

Dmitri’s work in the recent Fall 2018 issue of Curiosus Magazine (below):

About Curiosus

This is the second issue of Curiosus Magazine that Werremeyer Creative has produced, and at this time of this post, we are working on issue 3. Werremyer Creative offers a turn-key approach to producing this magazine for BJC from editing to mailing and all creative steps in between. Learn more about the production of Curiosus here.

Here is a look at a few of the spreads. If you would like to receive Curiosus Magazine, sign up here. If you already receive Curiosus in the mail, leave a comment. I’d love to hear your feedback.


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