Aaron Kalman

Office: 314-762-6870
Email: [email protected]

“I’ve learned something from everyone I work with. That’s one of the things about Werremeyer—we come from an amazingly wide range of places and professional backgrounds. There’s so much experience to draw upon professionally and personally.”

You’ve heard the term “wears many hats”? It may as well have been invented for Aaron Kalman. In past years, Aaron’s worked as a licensed insurance broker, real estate agent, operations manager, candy company mogul and personal chef, among other things. If you’ve determined that Aaron must be adaptable, smart, creative and fun, you’d be right. As part of the Werremeyer team, Aaron keeps the human-resources side of our company humming along. He administers benefits for all of us, and he analyzes business opportunities and problems that come our way. You may get to know Aaron because, in addition to managing financial reports, he oversees our invoicing system.