Links2Health and Link Market

Creating A Mobile Food Market & Health Clinic

Werremeyer Creative is always excited to be involved in the many regional innovations and progressive projects of Bi-State Development (BSD).

Our relationship has produced a variety of exciting results for the St. Louis region. Most recently, we’ve helped BSD with developing their new Links2Health mobile medical unit and The Link Market, BSD’s new fresh food kiosks found at two area Metro stops.

Take a Ride, Grab a Bite

Metro’s new Link Market offers access to fresh food in “food desert” areas around the North Hanley and Wellston Transit Centers. Many residents in these areas live more than a mile from the nearest grocery store and don’t own or have access to a car. A great deal of these residents also rely on Metro transit and are now given a new option for getting fresh food for their families.

The Missouri Foundation for Health recognized the importance of The Link Market’s mission and awarded a $583,958 grant toward the project. The new kiosks sell moderately priced fresh, healthy food staples and ingredients five days a week at the North Hanley and Wellston Transit Centers. The Link Market is just one of the many ways BSD continues to revolutionize public transit throughout the St. Louis region.

The Werremeyer Creative team oversaw much of the coordination between The Link Market’s designers and fabricators. Throughout this process, we were in constant communication with the BSD Research Institute, consulting healthcare professionals, and the fabricators responsible for turning shipping containers into the actual food kiosks. We assisted in integrating pre-determined graphic standards and signage into the shipping containers, making sure the graphics were compatible with the kiosk’s steel structure to produce optimal legibility and visual appeal.

The Link to Living Healthy

In addition to The Link Market, BSD and Metro have also put into motion a free mobile health clinic across four Metro Transit Centers as part of the new Links2Health program. This program, brought forth by the BSD Research Institute, Metro transit, and the St. Louis County Department of Public Health, is the result of a Federal Transit Administration grant to fund 18 months of the project, which began in December 2017.

The mobile screening vehicle, operated by the St. Louis County Department of Public Health, visits the Rock Road Transit Center, North County Transit Center, North Hanley Transit Center, and the Wellston Transit Center, making access to basic health care screenings more accessible to public transit passengers. Many residents living near these Metro Transit Centers do not own or have access to a vehicle and cannot easily get rides to the doctor for appointments.

The free screenings focus on blood pressure checks and diabetes testing for adults 18 years and older. Visitors without health insurance are assisted with applying for insurance and making follow-up primary care appointments with health care providers. The goal is to help people establish connections to regular, affordable, long-term health care resources.

Werremeyer Creative’s designers collaborated with BSD’s team to create bold, attractive graphics to adorn the mobile unit and catch the eye of transit passengers and passers-by. We designed the vehicle’s graphics to stand out while fitting within the existing “Links2Health” brand. Additionally, we worked with the unit’s graphic display vendor throughout the process, while coordinating with BSD Research Institute and the Missouri Department of Health.

From designing original graphics to coordinating the development of these regional resources to health with different parties, we always enjoy the collaborations bred by our relationship with BSD. We look forward to what this dynamic partnership will bring our way (and the St. Louis region’s way) next!

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