Delivering the Freightway

The St. Louis Regional Freightway is the bi-state area’s dynamic new source for coordinating freight activity and attracting manufacturing, logistics, and multimodal transportation companies and their service providers.

After successfully branding Bi-State Development, Werremeyer was entrusted to lead the marketing charge for the St. Louis Regional Freightway brand.

Branding the Freightway

The Freightway is a multi-faceted agency with a wide reach and range of applications. Accordingly, the brand was in need of an array of marketing materials to both educate and promote. We collaborated with our client, Bi-State Development, to name the St. Louis Regional Freightway, paying tribute to the City’s “Gateway to the West” alias, with the slogan “Your Gateway to the World.”

Next, we created tools to give the Freightway a marketable identity. The Freightway’s logo is meant to evoke “open-box freight as a focal point, being moved in endless directions.” The logo’s natural color palette brings a warm, calming element to the Freightway’s industrial-inspired brand. After initial visuals were created and a voice for the brand was developed, our team developed additional advertising and print materials.

Building an Effective Web Presence

While the Freightway’s branding and marketing plans were finalized, we developed a website to promote the advantages of the St. Louis region to site selectors and companies from outside the area. Creating a shared space for optimal data about the rivers, roads, rails, runways, and real estate of a region comprised of six counties and one major city was a unique challenge. We were able to present the information in a user-friendly format and designed a site built for easy navigation and excellent SEO. Results were measured from the outset to make adjustments based on the market’s needs.

Over the course of roughly four monthsteams from Werremeyer and Bi-State Development’s various departments collaborated to build Throughout development, our writers worked with dozens of experts to accumulate and organize the best information for turning the website into the region’s most credible source of freight knowledge.

Within, you’ll find a portfolio of detailed real estate profiles, an up-to-date news section, and an interactive map of the St. Louis region. The innovative GIS map’s responsive interface allows users to refine what is displayed on the map, giving them the option of adding or removing items such as interstates, rail terminals, sites with available real estate, and much more. Each map item is expandable to provide additional information and specifics.

Delivering the Freightway

The Werremeyer team worked to make the Freightway’s website and marketing materials deliver a central source for all things freight in the St. Louis region. The Freightway branding and its website have received praise from numerous manufacturing and logistics professionals, and we look forward to increased exposure as the enterprise establishes itself further as an authority on regional economic development.

We continue to collaborate with the Freightway to keep content fresh and relevant to its target audience. The organization plays a crucial role in the growth of manufacturing and distribution jobs within the City of St. Louis and six adjacent counties in Missouri and Illinois. Werremeyer is honored to contribute to such a vital resource for growth of the St. Louis region’s economy.

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