How New Challenges Gave Rise To A New Approach in Senior Living

In early 2020, the world changed forever. And while COVID-19 has affected us all, it has taken a disproportionate toll on senior living communities. Our client—The Gatesworth Senior Living community—was no exception. We’d never faced a health crisis like this one before, and there was no precedent to follow. For the first 30-60 days, the focus was on the safety of the residents and new procedures and cleaning standards were put into place.

But then the real messaging challenge revealed itself:
How could The Gatesworth reassure residents, families and potential residents—both inside and outside the community—that we would get through this pandemic together?

We knew this was not a time to “sell”, but a time for reassurance. To comfort current residents, and at the same time let prospective residents know that when new residents could be accepted again, The Gatesworth would be there for them with open arms. We began by listening, as we often do. It became clear that the residents of The Gatesworth had lived lives of exceptional experience and richness. They’d seen and done amazing things and overcome countless obstacles in their lifetimes. There was wisdom in their words and genuine reassurance in their stories.

The residents were the answer.

The Gatesworth Words of Wisdom resident with quote.

Our platform was called Words of Wisdom. We collected quotes and stories from people within The Gatesworth community; the unique experiences and challenges residents had faced enabled them to speak positively and with hope amidst all the uncertainty. Residents shared how they were managing their daily lives during the pandemic, and in turn, encouraged others to share their experiences. What began as a platform became an ongoing dialogue; we’d successfully started and sustained conversations rooted in the benefits of living at The Gatesworth. And most importantly, when a prospect was ready to move, they knew there would be a community of warmth, hope and support waiting for them with open arms.

The Gatesworth Words of Wisdom social media.
The Gatesworth Words of Wisdom brochure.
The Gatesworth Words of Wisdom direct mail.
The Gatesworth Words of Wisdom booklet.
The Gatesworth Words of Wisdom print advertising.

It worked.

Any way you measure it, Words of Wisdom was a success. We quantify marketing performance based on leads and web traffic and keep a close eye on these metrics. Qualified leads increased by 29% and web traffic increased by 19% during the run of the six-month campaign. Consistent, personable messaging and warm conversational creative across all media proved to be a winning formula, as we increased sales figures without ever actually “selling” anything.




The Gatesworth Words of Wisdom digital marketing.
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The Gatesworth is the proud recipient of an Aspect Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations Awardan honor reserved for those who serve as the industry’s finest examples of marketing and advertising.