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When BIOS came to us for a website facelift, we quickly realized that what the company needed was a brand system that would serve as the foundation to build on for the company to effectively differentiate and expand its business.

Over the years the organization had evolved organically and added new service lines, each with a different name and identity. Even though the service lines complemented each other, their marketing strategies were not aligned with the parent company. We saw an opportunity to help BIOS create a strong, cohesive branding system that would grow with the organization.

Out with the old ...

We approached the work the way you might tackle a thorough closet clean-out: pull everything out for honest evaluation; put back only what truly fits; add a few new things for versatility.

The result was an effective branding system featuring a new naming convention for the four BIOS service lines, including a new tagline, a logo system, a lively color palette and accurate branding that communicates the passion and commitment of the people at BIOS.

Our experience working with Werremeyer Creative was fabulous. Their staff was dedicated to understanding our organization on a deep level so we could build a brand that truly represents who we are. Their project management was excellent and all members of the team were competent, friendly, flexible and fun. Everyone was accessible and responsive. I AM IN LOVE WITH OUR NEW BRAND.

Lori HaugeVice President & Chief Culture Officer, BiosCorp

Once the brand system was in place, we developed a suite of websites – using the same systematic approach – resulting is a site structure that is true to the parent brand and honors the personalities of each service line.

Designed with digital marketing strategies in mind, the new BIOS landing page introduces the parent company and the websites of its four service lines, which are presented as individual sites. All five sites use the same backend and database, which makes updates easy.

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