The Art and Science of Medicine

In response to Barnes-Jewish Hospital’s desire to consolidate 12 specialty magazines and launch a new publication to replace them, Werremeyer Creative assembled an accomplished team of graphic designers, a project manager and an editor to complete the task. The team was challenged to deliver a smart, contemporary, well-designed and well-written magazine about the art and science of medicine that would engage consumers and physicians while also encouraging brand loyalty and patient referrals.

We publish 360,000 copies of Curiosus magazine annually and mail them to select consumers and medical professionals across the country.

“I just received the first publication of Curiosus and very much enjoyed reading it from cover to cover. I want to commend you and your team for such a useful and very well written publication; it is by far the most informative publication from any medical establishment in STL. I look forward to the next publication.”


We love print, because it works

A beautiful publication is like a nice wine — it feels good, looks inviting, reads well, and every turn of the page offers a new taste.

We’ve all gone digital, is anyone still reading magazines?

Content that inspires healthy living

Curiosus is particularly great to work on because we collaborate with exceptional physicians, nurses and patients. We are truly amazed and humbled at how everyone we meet is dedicated, talented, kind, insightful and curious

Behind the Art and Science of Medicine

We manage all aspects of the production of these publications – identifying story ideas, managing freelance writers, sourcing photographers and illustrators, overseeing the proofing and printing process and attending the press checks. From idea to delivery, we love every part of the process.

Meet the artists behind the art and science of Curiosus.

Print isn’t the answer to every marketing problem, but it might work for your needs.

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