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Ask anyone and they’d probably agree: Good things come by the thousand.

A picture is worth a thousand words. No matter how cliche the phrase, there’s still magic in the number — a magic that spans many eras and cultures. According to one ancient Japanese legend, a thousand paper cranes folded by hand is enough to grant you one special wish.

Senbazuru, or the gift of a thousand paper cranes, is also a symbol of health and recovery in Japan and around the world. This holiday season, we want to champion a worthy cause that inspires hope and healing for all.

Folding Cranes for a Cause

Join the #papercrane project by folding your own crane and posting a picture on Instagram. For each crane, we’re donating $1 to the Arts + Healthcare program at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, up to $1,000. Help us reach 1,000 cranes by January 16, 2022!


How to Support

  1. Choose a medium
    No origami paper needed. You can use any thin paper cut into a square. Newspapers, magazines, or thin wrapping paper all work well.
  2. Make your crane
    Download the project guide for fold-by-fold instructions.
  3. Make it count
    Snap a picture of your crane and post it on Instagram. Use both of these tags to make sure we see it: @wearewerremeyer


$1,000 for Arts + Healthcare

We’re inspired by Arts + Healthcare’s mission to help patients at Barnes-Jewish Hospital find strength and renewal through creating music, poetry and visual art. Supported by gifts, this program offers art to a growing number of patients and continues to be an integral part of the healing process at Barnes-Jewish.

With your help, we’re excited to gift $1,000 to this program and give even more patients a chance to find healing through art.

Wishing you hope and healing this holiday season.


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