A Marketplace for Buzzworthy Templates

Event Hive is a marketplace of resources for event planners, offering templates for planning essentials that can be used in organizing non-profit, corporate, and social events. Items such as task lists, budgets, run of shows, sponsor packets, committee materials, designed materials, and much more help to make the life of a worker bee planner not so frenetic. Event Hive invites event planners, meeting planners, wanna be planners, and designers to create a shop to sell their items for others to download.

WE partnered with Event Hive to design and develop their ecommerce website around the woocommerce platform. The goal was to create a website that was easy to navigate, featured products and contributors, and allowed planners to not only be better equipped, but supported by a community.


Navigation is one of the most important aspects of a store’s design. WE mapped out the customer journey from landing page to checkout with the goal that their experience would be clear and enjoyable. The simple primary navigation focuses on only the most crucial pages, whereas the secondary destinations can be found in the site footer. The template and contributor page can be filtered to help visitors find the correct and more specific results.


To show off the fun and playful nature of the brand, WE used handwritten script font, along with honeycomb and circle patterns which allude to the flight of a bee. WE used large, engaging imagery to catch the visitor’s eye. WE also used welcoming colors of blue and gold throughout the website to reinforce Event Hive’s brand.