Director of Creative Strategy

Matt Glarner

For over 25 years, Matt’s written, creative-directed and acted as the strategic guiding hand behind some of the country’s most beloved brands and campaigns. From Super-Bowl commercials to bus billboards, comprehensive digital ecosystems to blog entries, Matt’s far-ranging, award-winning experience as a writer, thinker and creative storyteller is as diverse and successful as any in our industry. As Director of Creative Strategy, Matt teams up with our Creative Director and collaborates across all departments to craft unique, impactful creative solutions for our clients. Matt’s energy, insight and wit informs our every undertaking.

Telling compelling stories has a lot to do with the source material. Health and wellness is rife with material that truly inspires. The tears are real. The joy, authentic. It’s the type of nonfiction that you simply cannot make up. That’s why I’m here. To help tell each story with the truth, craftsmanship, refinement and respect it deserves.

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