The Freightway

By May 3, 2016 No Comments

The St. Louis Regional Freightway is a dynamic new organization for coordinating freight activity and attracting manufacturing, logistics, and multimodal transportation companies and their service providers to the St. Louis region. We collaborated with Bi-State Development and various industry voices to create the name “St. Louis Regional Freightway” as a tribute to the City’s “Gateway City/to the West” alias.

Marketing materials for the Freightway’s Executive Director feature the new Freightway logo, described by our designer Laura to evoke “open-box freight as a focal point, being moved in endless directions.” The natural color palette of the logo brings a warm, industrial-inspired element to the Freightway’s branding. We incorporated these images into early advertising and leave-behind marketing literature full of information about the various aspects of the freight industry in St. Louis. Throughout this development process, we organized regular meetings with the Freightway to present our progress and offer/receive recommendations.

St. Louis Regional Freightway’s website was created to be a multi-faceted center of information, marketing the St. Louis region as a modern day capital of freight. The site opens with a video slider with a listing of the region’s modes of transportation and key regional advantages which also lead into expanded back-pages featuring key facts, figures, images and textual graphics. Within the, which was built to maintain optimal SEO response, users will also find a portfolio of detailed real estate profiles, an up-to-date news section and an interactive map of the St. Louis region.’s GIS map offers users a hands-on experience for exploring the roads, rivers, runways, rail and real estate of the St. Louis region. The map’s responsive interface allows users to refine what is displayed, giving them the option of adding or removing any given items. When clicked, each labeled item on the map displays a pop-up box with spec information and an option to visit the item’s expanded back-page within the website.

Just as we have worked with the Bi-State Development team in developing the Freightway’s marketing materials, we will continue to collaborate with the dynamic young enterprise to keep its content fresh.