The Women Of Werremeyer Creative

The Agency is a Certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise

These ladies have heard it all…

  • “Women can’t lead.”
  • “Empathy is a sign of weakness.”
  • “Women aren’t strong.”
  • “There aren’t enough women to fill CEO positions.”
  • “She wouldn’t take that promotion because she has little kids.”

But nearly 50 years after Title IX passed to protect people from gender discrimination, those inaccurate and inappropriate comments fuel Werremeyer Creative’s seven female employees. They are leading and helping the marketing agency reach all-time highs.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we put together a video addressing the gender stereotypes in the marketing industry. See what these accomplished women have to say!

A Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBE)

For years, Werremeyer has been certified through the State of Missouri as a Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBE). The designation provides greater opportunities for businesses to participate on state bids as prime contractors or subcontractors. 

Vendors are listed in a database which is used to solicit certified minority and/or woman participation for ongoing projects. Certified WBE members are invited to participate in various networking events, training and regional workshops each year.

The Experienced Leader

Gretchen Werremeyer, whose great-grandfather founded the company in 1904, is a fourth-generation owner. She has been with Werremeyer since 1991 and was promoted to her current position of president & CEO in 2000.

“Our office has a family-like mentality, and that sets us apart from many other companies,” Gretchen said. “We work hard for our clients and take pride in what we do, but also make sure employees have time for their families and friends.”

Caring About Each Other & Work-Life Balance

The staff members at Werremeyer have created many special bonds over the years. Everyone on the team truly cares about each other outside of work. That strengthens office culture and helps with longevity of employees.

“I’ve found this job to be so rewarding over the past 27 years. Gretchen understands the need for us to have quality time with our families. I’m not originally from St. Louis, but she gives me the flexibility to travel so I can be with my loved ones when I need to.”

Vice President & Art Director Cheryl Bonnett

Gretchen treats all of her employees like family. The staff puts a lot of effort into its clients, but she also stresses the importance of a good work-life balance. Happiness on the personal side usually leads to better productivity from a professional standpoint.

“Gretchen has terrific relationships with her employees — and that’s not the case with all leaders in our society. Gretchen does a great job of attracting and retaining talent. Whether it’s a staff member or external partner, that continuity helps our company and benefits our clients.”

Vice President & Art Director Ann Campbell

Great Chemistry = Happy Employees

Art Director Alison Trullinger recently said “after being here for 10 years, I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.” Digital Marketing Director Libby Wilson, who is on her second stint at Werremeyer, said “working in a Woman Owned Business brings a sense of collaboration.”

Senior Graphic Designer Holly Hildebrand pointed out that “working in a Woman Owned Business makes me feel like I have a voice.” Creative Services Manager Emily Hellmuth added “as a working mom, I know Gretchen gets it because she’s a working mom, too.”

Meet the Women of Werrmeyer

Gretchen Werremeyer

President & CEO
Hometown: St. Louis
Alma Mater: ArtCenter College of Design (Calif.)
Joined Werremeyer: 1991

  • Became the sole owner of Werremeyer in 2000
  • Her great-grandfather founded the company in 1904
  • Oversees most client accounts
  • Makes personnel decisions and manages all staff
  • Leads new business efforts and client renewals

Fun Facts: Has two sons in college … Alex is a senior at the University of San Diego, where he just wrapped up a Division I basketball career … Nico is a sophomore at University of Oregon in their impressive product design program … her dogs, Tucker and Greta, serve as office security directors.

Cheryl Bonnett

Vice President & Art Director
Hometown: Omaha, Neb.
Alma Mater: Webster University (Mo.)
Joined Werremeyer: 1993

  • Second-longest-tenured Werremeyer employee
  • Handles a variety of art and design projects
  • Manages the Parc Provence account and contributes to The Gatesworth account
  • Works on Curiosus Magazine for Barnes-Jewish Hospital and the Washington University School of Medicine

Fun Facts: Has lived in four U.S. states plus Canada … plans to visit all 58 national parks.

Ann Campbell

Vice President & Art Director
Hometown: Cincinnati
Alma Mater: University of Cincinnati
Joined Werremeyer: 2000

  • Third-longest-tenured Werremeyer employee
  • Handles a variety of art and design projects
  • Manages the St. Louis Lambert International Airport account

Fun Facts: A kombucha connoisseur … has a pet squirrel.

Alison Trullinger

Art Director
Hometown: Jefferson City, Mo.
Alma Mater: William Woods University (Mo.)
Joined Werremeyer: 2010

  • Spent eight years as a Werremeyer graphic designer before a promotion to her current position in 2018
  • Handles a variety of art and design projects
  • Manages the McKnight Place account and contributes to several others

Fun Facts: Captain of the office “DJ” team … loves scary movies … has been an equestrian since the age of 12.

Libby Wilson

Digital Marketing Director
Hometown: St. Louis
Alma Mater: William Woods University (Mo.)
At Werremeyer: 2011-13, 2019-pres.

  • Originally worked at Werremeyer from 2011-2013
  • Returned in 2019
  • Coordinates digital marketing efforts
  • Involved with brand strategy and new product launches for a variety of clients.

Fun Facts: Serves as a commissioner for the City of Wildwood (Mo.) … owns a small farm … rides and competes with her two horses … also owns two rescue dogs and two barn cats.

Holly Hildebrand

Senior Graphic Designer
Hometown: St. Louis
Alma Mater: Maryville University (Mo.)
Joined Werremeyer: 2015

  • Promoted to her current position in 2019
  • Handles art and design projects for a variety of clients
  • Skilled in logo design, advertising, brand identity and typography

Fun Facts: An accomplished make-up artist (@holly_woodmua on Instagram) and photographer

Emily Hellmuth

Creative Services Manager
Hometown: Indianapolis
Alma Mater: Washington University in St. Louis
Joined Werremeyer: 2019

  • Manages a long list of projects for several clients
  • Keeps everyone on task
  • Ensures deadlines are met
  • Develops and oversees budgets

Fun Facts: A big supporter of the St. Louis art and craft beer scenes … volunteers with Komen Missouri … a co-chair for WashU’s Alumni & Parents Admissions program.

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