Animated landing page and microsite

Landing Page or Microsite?

We’ve put together some overall truisms and best practices to that help us answer that question and successfully navigate this fork in the strategic road, and we’re happy to share.
Man reading a print publication.

Does Your Printed Healthcare Publication Have Multichannel Appeal?

Get the most out of the printed publications you produce by turning them into digital content. Then you can share them with your multichannel networks via email and social media.
Illustration of a brain with a tangled lightbulb.

The Neuroscience of Creativity

Thanks to ongoing research involving neuroscientists, philosophers, audiences and artists, we’re likely to discover much more about the ways creativity enhances our lives, changing our bodies and our brains.
Werremeyer 1000 paper cranes project

Werremeyer Paper Cranes Project

Ask anyone and they’d probably agree: Good things come by the thousand. A picture is worth a thousand words. No matter how cliche the phrase, there’s still magic in the ...

Work Smart, Win Big.

In a year in which there were a record number of entries in GD USA’s annual Health+Wellness Design Awards, and in which interest in the subject was extremely high for obvious ...

Ready Or Not, Baby Boomers Are On Your Website

Ten thousand baby boomers will turn 65 today. And tomorrow. And every day until 2030. This is set to be the largest senior class in history – and that’s the ...

Curiosus: From The Editor’s Perspective

Anne Makeever has been a magazine editor since 1992, and Werremeyer Creative is lucky enough to have her as our Editor-In-Chief for multiple projects. Her professional experience includes: Managing Editor ...

When the Professional Becomes Personal

Though there is a lot we don’t yet know about the coronavirus and COVID-19, we’re learning more every day, thanks to the work of medical researchers, epidemiologists, physicians and scientists. ...

You Need A Better Website

Really. You do. And if you have one, we can help make it more effective. Today, your brand and your website are often one and the same. It’s essential, then, ...

Selecting The Right Agency Partner

Selecting a marketing agency to partner with your business is a vital decision. Yet despite the importance of such a choice, there are no real best practices or guidelines to ...

Digital Marketing During A Pandemic

We’re navigating a rapidly-evolving digital landscape that brings with it new challenges, and for those willing to think differently, a host of new opportunities. In our current situation, healthcare marketers ...

Overcoming COVID Obstacles

None of us have ever experienced anything quite like the all-encompassing crisis that is COVID-19. And, yet, this disruption – as massive as it has been – can be an ...
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