Work Smart, Win Big.

In a year in which there were a record number of entries in GD USA’s annual Health+Wellness Design Awards, and in which interest in the subject was extremely high for obvious reasons, Werremeyer Creative walked off with the most wins by any single graphic design firm in the country. This is a notable performance, but not surprising given the firm’s outstanding and consistent record of beautiful, effective and intelligent design over many years and across multiple media.

Gordon Kaye
Editor and Publisher of Graphic Design USA – a complete stranger who isn’t anyone here’s uncle or neighbor or anything, promise.

So How Did We Do It?

How did Werremeyer Creative, a mid-sized, healthcare-focused marketing agency from the flyover states, win TWICE as many health+Wellness Awards as any other agency in the country?

It’s a valid question, and one we’re happy to answer. Or try.

The fact is this: Yes, we are smaller than some but big enough to take on the largest of marketing challenges. And regardless of our size, the work we create consistently beats out the work of the world’s most reputable- and yes, largest- ad agencies.

How we do this has a lot to do with strong client relationships, bold strategies and inspired creative talent. It’s not any one quality, and it changes and evolves over time. In the coming weeks we’ll take a look at the design awards we’ve won, and the qualities behind each effort that caused it to rise to the top.

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