Digital Marketing During A Pandemic

We’re navigating a rapidly-evolving digital landscape that brings with it new challenges, and for those willing to think differently, a host of new opportunities.

In our current situation, healthcare marketers are working to triage the new realities of the day, while responding to huge shifts in consumer behavior and daily changes in recommendations and guidelines from the CDC, CMS and local healthcare mandates.

In a time where things are changing not just day to day, but even hour to hour, Werremeyer Creative wanted to share the digital strategies we’ve implemented to help our client continue communicating and engaging with their audience.

Because even when the world seemingly grinds to a halt, the digital dialogue between your brand and its target audience shouldn’t have to.

The Challenge:

Our seniors housing client wanted to keep the connections to their lead base positive during the first months of the COVID-19 crisis. This necessitated a pivot in our strategy, because of limited access to the community (no in-person tours or visits) and restrictions on move-ins. In addition, the client’s marketing team was working remotely for safety reasons.

Our job was to keep the engagement positive and hopeful in tone, and expand our outreach to engage more seniors and their caregivers to our digital messaging and virtual tours. The program components include:

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Direct Mail

With many seniors feeling isolated in their homes during this crisis, our client wanted to become a resource, answering questions, offering reassurance and simply letting them know they aren’t alone (we’re just a phone call away) in these stressful times.

The good news? Our pivoted strategy resulted in positive trends and outcomes for our client.

We’ve seen the company website and internet account for two of the top three sources of leads.

We’ve also witnessed healthy numbers for overall site traffic and social media followers, seeing a year to date web traffic increase of 22%, and an increase of 21% in social media followers.

But most importantly, our client has been able to keep lines of communication between brand and consumer open and become the reassuring resource they set out to be.

From this empathetic outreach, the conversations have continued. Prospects have become followers. Followers become leads. And now that our client is ready to move in people, they have a list of deposits and new residents ready to go.

That’s the function of our digital marketing. We put it to work for our clients every day.

How We Do It:

Werremeyer Creative utilizes multiple digital marketing tactics to keep lines of communication open between brands and their target audience in order to generate quality leads for clients.

Our fully-integrated approach collects leads from several sources, and fosters ongoing communication with potential future residents of our client’s community.

We leverage Google Ads, Programmatic Digital Advertising, Social Advertising, OTT, Email marketing and more to achieve the right balance of marketing communications for our clients and their respective budgets.

In the case of our seniors housing client, we create the right mix for their digital strategy, resulting in a comprehensive plan that not only strengthened existing relationships, it forged new ones with prospects.

While this consumer journey and the various digital touchpoints a person encounters along the way can vary, the consistency of our messaging and focus upon the desired result (move-ins) stays disciplined across multiple channels.

Consistency is key. We employed a simple, compelling, singular story and told it through multiple channels, moving leads through our system to influence preference and drive behavior.

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