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Don’t Sleep On Discovery

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We absolutely see the value in research and discovery, but we already know our customer and our key points-of-difference. Let’s not hold up the process and burn budget to find out things we’re already aware of. Let’s start with Strategy.

Sound familiar? It’s a rational, logical thought that, in our experience, has occurred to almost every brand manager at some point.

We get it. Timelines are likely tight, as are budgets. That being the case, it makes sense that one would arrive at the above conclusion time and time again. Yet time and time again, we advise our clients not to pass over the Discovery phase. It’s critical to the success of a campaign.

Our clients expect exceptional creative solutions from us. And at Werremeyer Creative, that begins with exceptionally–thorough Discovery.

So, back to the quote up top. What’s the rationale for investing in Discovery, regardless of the situation?

Keep Current.

The healthcare landscape is constantly shifting and evolving. Consumer beliefs and behaviors are changing fast. What you thought you knew last year might not be valid today. For example, you can’t plan for things like, say…a global pandemic. And in times of uncertainty, everything accelerates.

Consumers are uncommonly open to adopting new approaches and trying new services at this moment. It’s an opportunity. In order to construct strategies that meet the consumer where they already are and take full advantage of new opportunities, it’s essential that your data is fresh and that you’re fully cognizant of the consumer climate.

Know Thyself.

The reality is that clients are steeped in their brand, day in and day out. They live it. So to imply that they don’t “know” the brand they serve isn’t accurate; it’s not a question of knowledge, it’s a matter of perspective. A brand should be self-aware enough to accurately assume the point-of-view of their target consumer. It’s not the tactics; like email, landing pages, or direct mail which create great marketing and persuasion, it’s the ability to connect with the minds of the ideal consumer and consistently provide value. Successfully navigating the experience gap between brand and consumer requires a self-aware client and honest, open dialogue.

The Pudding.

It’s where the proof is, right? And in this case, the proof is the creative output that ultimately drives the results of a campaign. When a campaign succeeds, many give credit to the creative. In our experience, it’s rarely that simple. We can look to a host of recent Werremeyer Creative success stories for proof that Discovery is every bit as vital as strategy and creative execution. The end justifies the means; when the “end” is “a wildly successful marketing effort,” the “means” are our roadmap to success.

To see firsthand how an insight unearthed in the Discovery phase drove an entire groundbreaking campaign for Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital, check out our case story here.

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