Black and White image of Mary Ranken Jordan with children on a colorful background.

Bringing a Legend to Life

The Project

80 years ago, trailblazing philanthropist Mary Ranken Jordan founded what would one day become Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital—a peerless, progressive institution dedicated to helping children with serious long-term medical issues. Our job was to help RJPBH and the community at large celebrate this 80-year anniversary, and in doing so, tell the story of what made RJPBH a truly philanthropic force—one that continues and furthers the all-important work that Mary Ranken Jordan began.

Services Provided

  • Branding
  • Print
  • TV & Radio
  • Outdoor / OOH
  • Social Media

Consider the children first in all that you do.

Mary Ranken Jordan, Founder
Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital

Discovery leads to serendipity

When in the discovery phase, we began hearing stories of Mary’s (or MRJ as we came to know her) outsize acts of kindness. These stories seemed at times larger than life, yet all were true. Equal parts Paul Bunyon and Brothers Grimm, these modern fables were more authentic and compelling than any writer could fabricate. The only challenge now was who best to tell those stories?

Authentic Stories Can’t Be Faked

We turned to those on the front lines every day – the doctors, nurses and administrators that live to serve children in the same way MRJ did. With a few surreal and unexpected props to aid in the telling, we simply allowed these extraordinary people to tell MRJ’s extraordinary tales and let the approachable, real, selflessness of her actions come to life with levity, joy and more than a few chuckles.


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