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Marketing Under The Microscope: Time To Optimize

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The campaign is in market. It’s live, out there, ostensibly doing what it was designed to do. Connect, create, coerce, drive…look at it go! How’s it performing? Glad you asked.

The answer is found within the all-important fourth and “final” phase of the Werremeyer Creative process: Optimization. The use of quotes is intentional; in truth, the process is more of a cycle than a linear progression. When we identify insights and efficiencies within the data, we can improve upon even the most successful efforts. And our process begins anew, with a wealth of insights on our side. 

At Werremeyer, the Optimization phase is comprised of three separate sub-phases: We Measure, Analyze and Augment.

First, the campaign in question is put under the proverbial microscope. Measurement. Digitally, we can track a plethora of metrics, which we then compare against one another. What we look for is largely contingent upon our client’s goals and objectives. Different goals? Different insights. 

For example, take email opens and clicks. While these can show engagement level, it’s the unsubscribe rate that indicates if audiences find your content interesting and relevant. Ad impressions and video views help measure your campaign reach, but how many viewers are sticking around until the end? Then there’s cost-per-action. It can gauge the level of competition in your “arena.” But before we answer the important question: how to optimize, it’s important to first ask what is the goal of your campaign?

There are hundreds of metrics marketers can use to determine a campaign’s success–it’s a matter of choosing the right one for each particular strategy.

Here’s a breakdown of frequently leveraged marketing metrics and their respective channels. 

  • Email marketing: Opens, email forwards, unsubscribes, and a deeper look at engagement can determine if the audience finds your content interesting and relevant. Does the email recipient click on links? Do they follow your CTA?
  • Digital marketing: Click-through rate (CTR), cost-per-action (CPA), and impressions
  • Social media: Follower count, impressions or reach, and engagement rate
  • Website: Total traffic, bounce rate, new customers, returning customers, time spent on site and traffic sources, as well as conversions
  • Content marketing: Blog traffic, amount of content shared, content downloads, and qualified leads through lead generation form fills
  • Video/Streaming: Impressions and total viewing time
  • Sales: Sales team response time, sales call volume, and sales call reviews
  • Revenue: How much revenue each channel is generating
  • SEO: Keyword average rankings, keyword search volume, and organic traffic
  • Quality: Quality Score, Net Promoter Score, reviews, and monthly recurring revenue

Optimize & Analyze

Next, we take the desired quantitative and qualitative data and dive in. Analyze. Find efficiencies within the process. Untapped audiences. Partially-realized potential. And when it comes to data, more is better because it provides you with the whole picture. Looking at a single metric can give you a limited perspective and even set you down the wrong path of conclusion. To truly begin understanding how, say, users interact with your page (for example), and what makes them convert, you need to look at how different metrics relate to one another. 

Then, and only then, can the true Augmentation and Optimization take place. Every alteration and evolution made is informed by sound metrics and audience insights. In truth, Discovery never stopped occurring. We’ve executed our strategy to plan. And now, the work evolves to meet emerging opportunities. Growth is inevitable. 

Discovery, Strategy, Execution, Optimization (DSEO). 

We use our process because it works, certainly not because it spells out a cute acronym. And it can and will work for your healthcare brand if given the opportunity. 

At Werremeyer Creative, we like to think of ourselves as experts in execution. Click here to see some of our award-winning work.

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