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The All-Important Execution Phase

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Enough prologue, right? Let’s talk about the good stuff. The stuff that compels most. The work.

We’ve arrived at the Execution stage; the Discovery is complete, the Strategy has been set, expectations aligned and the team is in place. Now we turn theory into practice. We walk the talk. Bake the cake. And all analogies aside, get down to executing our plan.

Investing in discovery and strategy is the optimal way to approach a campaign. Preparation is everything; with that in mind we’ve created some “best practices” pulled from our experience in launching well-received, impactful marketing campaigns.

1. Put More Process in Your Process

Within the Execution phase, mapping out a task plan and respecting deadlines and benchmarks are imperative to executing a successful campaign. Another procedural priority is the establishment of a consistent internal review process and respective client review cadence. We accomplish this by identifying the review team, and building time into the schedule for the reviews, changes, and final approvals. This ensures the project flows and deadlines are met.

2. Pick an Agency that is Special(ized) in Healthcare

Understanding the complexity of the audiences, the stakeholders and the clients in healthcare is important. The creative must answer specific questions and sometimes in sensitive ways. A lot of what we do is build trust and brand awareness. When building out a campaign, keep the brand (and respective strategy) at the fore, whether it’s a digital marketing campaign, a website or a series of mailings.

3. Be Picky About Production Partners

Over the years, Werremeyer Creative has worked with myriad video production companies, printers, media companies, etc. It has essentially operated as an audition process; those we work with repeatedly have earned our trust and, by association, that of our clients. Having a trusted bullpen is invaluable and you may have one as well. That’s why we work closely with clients and utilize their vendor relationships when it makes sense. If they have a trusted printer relationship, we don’t want to disturb that time-proven process.

4. Foster Trusting Client Relationships

Trust is earned. And when an agency has the trust and confidence of their client, they can act in real-time to marketing needs, mobilizing on the client/brand’s behalf. Timelines are tighter than ever before- particularly when it comes to digital media. In short, there are few things as valuable as a client who trusts their agency. It develops through consistency, and it takes time. Any time spent fostering client trust is time well-spent.

5. Celebrate The Creative

When it comes down to it, it’s the creativity that attracts your audience, that entices them to watch a video, sign up for a newsletter or make an appointment. It’s the award-winning website, magazine, or advertising campaign that draws the results you are looking for. Recognize great work for the metrics it attains as well as for its creative and aesthetic merits. Great creative moves people. Let it inspire your team to celebrate creativity with every undertaking.

Then, all that’s left to do is kick back and let the accolades roll in! (If only…) Be sure to check back for our next “Vitals”–where we talk about measurement, optimization and all the ways you can monitor and maximize a campaign once it’s in-market!

At Werremeyer Creative, we like to think of ourselves as experts in execution. Click here to see some of our award-winning work.

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